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Czech Republic

Born in 1943 in Roveň in the north of the Czech Republic, she lived in Český Dub and in Liberec. She died in 2020 in Český Dub.


1959 - 1962
School of Fine Arts in Prague, field of study: painting (distance learning)
Professor Jaroslav Šámal
1962 - 1966
School of Fine Arts in Brno, field of study: sculpture and ceramic art und design
Professor František Šenk
Professor František Navrátil
Professor Dalibor Chatrný
Professor Josef Pěta
Professor Emanuel Raný
1962 - 1967
Private study under Professor Eduard Milén, a painter and graphic designer, in Brno


1971 - 1976 artistic design activities.
Exhibitions from 1964; independent exhibitions from 1989.

Since 2008, she has been a member of the International Internet Art Gallery. A selection of her works is available at International Art Gallery.